Monday, April 13, 2009

Why this Blog?

Speech Recognition (SR) is budding technology. Big market players like Microsoft, IBM, Philips, etc are eyeing a pie in this field. Still as per my study past few months on SR Software, I think this technology needs lot of improvements. I found a few Open Source SR tools which do fairly good task of recognition.

I don't have big bucks to pay for SR software from above mentioned vendors. So I do not have idea on how these work. Based on reviews from various sites I found they are kind of OKAY. Not great !!

This blog will basically talk on my experience and trouble I faced using Open Source SR tools (cos' only they were in my reach). I have done a study on Sphinx4 and Julius. Used HMM Toolkit (HTK) to develop acoustic models and did lot of weird stuffs playing with these tools.
There are lot of resources on net. But I came across few problems which were not anywhere or information was distorted. So I will try and compile as much info I can.

PS: If you have any questions or any good links related to SR, please post a comment here. Thanks



  1. @Ram Kumar
    That is a Speech Synthesizer. I am here talking about Speech Recognition. Thanks for link though. I was unaware of that extension


    Alright then have this :P